Camp – Terms, Conditions & Service Agreement

Camp Operation

Unless stated standard Qacademy Activity Camps operate from 8:00am – 6:00pm Monday to Friday during advertised school holiday periods excluding Bank Holidays.


The daily fee for a child attending the Qacademy camp MUST be paid in advance by Credit or Debit Card using our online booking system or via on-line bank transfer. (Please ask for further bank details) providing spaces are available.

We recommend making advance payments to secure a place and to also take advantage of any discounted packages reducing your cost.

Please note that places cannot be reserved until a Qacademy registration form and payment has been received. Registration forms can be done online at


If you wish to collect your child early on any given camp day, please make us aware prior. By the morning of the camp at the very latest.

Late collection

By registering your child with Qacademy you agree to collect your child on time. Collection after 6pm is unfair to other children and staff and also adds to our running costs. Late collections will be charged at £1 per minute with no exceptions. Any late fees should be paid when collecting your child. If this is not possible the late fee must be paid by the end of that working week otherwise your child’s place will be withdrawn from further camps.


Parents and Carers will be required to provide their child / children with a packed lunch each day that they attend the Qacademy Camp. We recommend children bring a lunch box or bag containing sandwiches, healthy snacks and fruit to last the duration of the day. We also recommend including a refillable water bottle, however there are fresh water fountains available at the venue.

If a child arrives without lunch we will attempt to contact you, but not your emergency contact. If we fail to reach you we will provide your child / children with a cold lunch, drink and a snack then request a £5 Lunch Expense Fee when you arrive for collection.


Once the fees have been paid there are no refunds for days on which your child / children do not attend. Extenuating circumstances are taken into consideration at the discretion of the Qacademy management team.

If you wish for a refund prior to the start of camp, due to staff and resources already being in place, refunds will only be given if a minimum of 14 days notice is given in writing (preferably via email).

Termination of Contract

The contract may be terminated by the Qacademy management team due to consistent / extreme poor behaviour on the part of the child, falling behind on payments or failure to comply with our terms and conditions. Please note that any verbal or physical abuse of staff by you or any adult representing your child will lead to your child’s place being terminated with immediate effect. At any time the parent / carer may terminate the contract, however the ‘No refunds’ policy still applies.

Child information

We require certain information about your child and parents/carers. You can provide this information on the registration form on our website. Qacademy is dedicated to keeping this information safe.


Children attending Qacademy camps may be photographed by our trained staff. Photographs may be used as part of our marketing material including online. Children’s names will never appear alongside a photograph on any of our marketing material or other publications. Photographs with children in them will never be given to anyone and remain property of Qacademy. Parents/carers, visitors and children are not permitted to take photographs/videos at any Qacademy setting. If you do not wish for us to take photographs of your child please inform the management in writing before they attend.

First Aid and Medication

Staff at Qacademy will be trained in first aid in line with statutory requirements. Qacademy will act in the best interest of your child should your child require first aid. Settings will be able to manage most medications with the appropriate direction and paperwork being completed in advance of your child attending.